I specialize in individual psychotherapy with adults. We will begin with a thorough assessment of the problems you wish to deal with, your current life and relationships and your childhood and family. This usually takes several sessions culminating in a discussion of your unique situation and the ways that therapy could help you. I strive to create an atmosphere that is comfortable and conversational. If you feel it is a good match, we can continue on with therapy.


Bariatric Psychology

I have been working with people who are preparing for Bariatric surgery for over five years. I have completed hundreds of pre-surgical clearance evaluations. The pre-surgical clearance is not so much a gatekeeping function but is part of preparing to be in the best position to succeed with your bariatric procedure and after care program. After your surgery I am available for therapy should you need or desire it, occasional check-ins or coaching and support.



Follow Up

Call or email to set up your initial appointment.  You can download forms and bring them to the first session. At that time, in addition to talking with you about the issues you wish to tackle, we will take some time to go over the forms, and my policies and procedures.